Task  Subtask Description / Report Geodata/ Presentations/ Other Status Published
1 1.1 Report Technical Documentation - Final (english/ french) PDF
1 1.2 Production of GIS Base Maps UDRASP Geodatabase Final  
1 1.3 Digital Terrain Model DTM Final  
1 1.4 Collection of socioeconomic data Collected data for further use in the subsequent tasks Final  
1/ 5 1.2/ 5.1 Mosaic of current satellite images as baseline for mapping and visualisation Mosaic ( based on World View 3/ March 2017) Final  
2 2.1 Overview Urban Development GIS data layer (urban development) Final  
2 2.2 Past hazard events and affected areas /
Report “Flash Flood Modelling in Monastir”, 2018/
Report “Coastal Erosion in Monastir”, 2018
GIS data layer (hazards: flooding/ coastal erosion) Final (english/ french)
(english/ french)
2 2.3 Link of sociaeconomic and geospatial information  Combined with D1.4 Final  
3 3.1 Report on Drivers of Vulnerability and Risk    - Final (english/ french) PDF
3 3.2 Report on multi-hazard risk in Monastir, including maps   Final (english/ french) PDF
3 3.3 Geospatial data representing hazard-prone areas, exposure, vulnerability and disaster risks UDRASP geodatabase and associated reports (see D2.2) Final  
4 4.1 Short report summarizing narrative storylines for future vulnerability trends in Monastir   Final (english/ french) PDF
4 4.2 Report "Urban growth model to simulate future urban expansion", including maps Data, maps Final (english/ french) PDF
4 4.3 Flood simulation model to simulate flooding/ Report “Flash Flood Modelling in Monastir”, 2018 Raster and GIS layer files integrated in UDRASP geodatabase, report (see D2.2 - flash flood) Final  
4 4.4 Report on spatial scenarios of disaster risk - Final (english) PDF
5 5.1 Implementation of a GIS expert system and report Mosaic, GIS related files, UDRASP geodatabase, report Final (english/ french) PDF
5 5.2 Web Information System and report UDRASP geodatabase and mosaic as main inputs for the web system, report Final (english/ french) PDF
6 6.1 Report on Existing Capacities and Stakeholder Needs   Final (english/ french) PDF
6 6.2 GIS Training of Tunisian staff UDRASP geodatabase, mosaic, related GIS layers and presentations Final  
6 6.3 Manual for integrating risk and vulnerability assessment into urban planning / resilience strategies   Final (english/ french) PDF


  1. Résilience face aux catastrophes urbaines par l’évaluation des risques et des planifications durable (UD-RASP) – Réunion finale (IABG)
  2. Current risk and future risk scenarios (UNU-EHS)
  3. Prévention des catastrophes naturelles et planification durable de la ville de Monastir – Bénéfices et défis (Municiplaité de Monastir)
  4. Les changements climatiques et leurs impacts sur les catastrophes naturelles (INM)
  5. La gestion des crises (Civil Protection)
  6. Posters (UD-RASP)


  1. Potentials of remote sensing and spatial analysis for urban disatser risk assessment (IABG)
  2. Current disaster risk trends and future challenges in Northern Africa (UNU-EHS)